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Moses Man: Finding Home

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webmosv-069-1024Moses Man: Experience the Journey is a project for middle and high school students that centers on Moses Man, a new musical that tells the true story of Holocaust survivors who fled Vienna, Austria during the rise of Nazism. The project provides staged readings, residencies and other activities associated with the musical that will bring history alive. In addition, teachers will be given access to meaningful teaching tools in support of Global Studies and English curricula.

Topics explored and related to current events include:

  • Discrimination
  • Persecution
  • Displacement
  • Genocide
  • Global History
  • Playwriting
  • Social Interaction
  • Building Life Skills

Invited Show
New York Musical Theatre Festival 2015

  • Producer – DEEP Arts
  • Director – Michael Bush
  • Musical Director – Don Kot
  • Choreographer – Wendy Seyb
  • Set Design – Paul DePoo
  • Costume Design – Tristan Raines
  • Lighting Design – Corey Pattak
  • Sound Design – Brad Berridge
  • Casting – Stephanie Klapper
  • Marketing – Red Rising Marketing
  • Press Representative – Joe Trentacosta
  • Production Stage Manager – Olivia O’Brien*
  • Assistant Stage Manager – Suzi Bonnot
  • Assistant Director – Melissa Compton
  • Associate General Manager – Frankie Dailey
  • General Manager – Lisa Dozier King
  • The Alice Griffin Theatre At The Pershing Square Signature Center 480 West 42nd Street
  • Cast: Joanne Borts*, Zachary Clause*, Evan Daves*, Tess DeFlyer, Alex Finke*, Tor Hyams, Cassie Levine*, Kevin McGuire*, Matthew Rodin*, Lisa Rothauser*, Scott Scaffidi, Ryan Speakman*, Oliver Thornton*

Moses Man the Musical is currently on a trajectory for national exposure.

Already, the Moses Man creative team has received an appointment to the Borns School of Jewish Studies at Indiana University to work on the development of the musical and Moses Man was awarded inclusion in the 2014 Summer Arts Festival sponsored by the School of Theatre Drama and Modern Dance at Indiana University as the Festival’s Premier Musical.

Moses Man: Credits

Book & Lyrics by Deborah Haber
Music & Arrangements by Casey Filiaci

Moses Man’s first workshop performances premiered at the The Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester’s CenterStage in March/April 2013.

  • Producers: Rochester Children’s Theatre and The JCC CenterStage
  • Director: Deborah Haber
  • Music Director: Casey Filiaci

The following individuals have been an invaluable part of the Moses Man Rochester, NY cast, crew and production teams throughout its development process. We are forever grateful for their participation!

Marc Cataldi, Sammi Cohen, Katie Fish, Tom Habacker, Cindy Lull Hill, Mary Tiballi Hoffman, Danny Hoskins, Katie Kepler, Bobby Maville, Lana Momano, Fred Neurnberg, Richard Scooter Rosenthal, Scott Scaffidi

Special Thank You: Ralph Meranto, Jeff Gilhart, Dave Marshall, Barabara Appelbaum, Essie Germanow, Judy Kaplan, Rachel Rosen, Mike Pallini, Matt Nersinger, Vicki Duval, Sally Cohen

Moses Man received additional workshop performances at Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana and Indiana Repertory Theatre in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Producer: The Gerald and Dorit Paul Artist-in-Residence at the Robert A. and Sandra S. Borns Jewish Studies Program of Indiana University.
  • Director: Deborah Haber
  • Music Director: Casey Filiaci.

The following individuals have been an invaluable part of the Moses Man Indiana cast, crew and production teams throughout its development process. We are forever grateful for their participation!

Maddie Shea Baldwin, Leah DeWalt, Mia Fitzgibbon, Mark Goetzinger*, Scot Greenwell*, Paul Hansen, Danny Kingston, Alvin J. Morrison, Eric Olson*, Ryan O’Shea, Emily Ristine*, Erin Robson-Smith*, Janice Roger

Special Thank You: Janet Allen, Courtney Sale, Millicent, Wright, Richard J. Roberts, Brian S. Newman, Rabbi Brett Krichiver and Cantor Janice Roger, Mickey & Janie Maurer, Jacqueline & David Barrett, Caryl Schidler

A Very Special Thank You: Judah Cohen and Ruthie & Robert Rifkin

Moses Man was selected to be produced as the Premiere Musical for the 2014 Indiana University Summer Arts Festival in Bloomington, Indiana.

    • Producer: Jonathan Michaelsen
    • Director: George Pinney
    • Musical Director: Ray Fellmen
    • Musicologist & Ethnologist: Judah Cohen
    • Dramaturg: Richard J. Roberts
    • Cast: Carrie Barton, Joey Birchler, Caitlin Diekhoff, Christian Fary, Mark Goetzinger*, David Gordon-Johnson, Ethan Gresham, Trish Hausmann, Caroline Huerta, Kaitlyn Mayse, Brianna Milan, Andrew Minkin, Noah Moore, Heather Hertling Narducci, Nick Pappas, Nathan Robbins, Topher Rohrer, Kelsey Shaw

* Appeared through the courtesy of Actors' Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States. 

Moses Man Workshop – Geva Theatre Rochester, NY
May 2015

  • Producer – DEEP Arts
  • Director – Michael Bush
  • Musical Director – Don Kot
  • Set Design – Paul DePoo
  • Lighting Design – Toni Elderkin
  • Set Construction – Mark Almekinder
  • Casting – Stephanie Klapper
  • Production Stage Manager –Jenny Daniels*
  • Assistant Stage Manager – Adrianna Goethel
  • Production Assistant – Mandy Hassett
  • Cast: Rusty Allen, Dave Autovino*, Joanne Borts*, Sammi Cohen, Tess DeFlyer, CJ Eldred*, Sarah Goodman, Tor Hyams, Mark Light-Orr*, Brynn Lucas*, Kevin McGuire*, CJ Roche, Lisa Rothauser*, Scott Scaffidi, Oliver Thornton*

Special Thanks: Nazareth College, JCC CenterStage Rochester, NY, Dr Ronald and Krista Reed

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