LIKAH! A New Work

Follow this adorable canine storyteller, as she discovers her charming world of wonder, and adventure!

Stay tuned! Available Soon!

Moses Man: Finding Home

Exciting New DEEP Arts Collaboration!
School of Global and International Studies, Indiana University
Art and Refugee Symposium April, 2017
Stay tuned for updates!

Check back soon for exciting news at
Deep Arts for 2017!

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Auction Preview Gallery

Photon Wave - Michael Taylor | Photon Wave
Photon Wave
Transformation 1
Transformation 2
Prism Trek Ruby
Aperture 4
Indivisible Series E #10
The Convergence of the Barrier V
Dreams III
Green Radial
Sea Whisper
Formed in Blue
The Key
Cheer Bow 3
Four Ladies
Four Ladies
Four Ladies
Four Ladies
Cheer Bow 1 & 2
Pepper 1
Pepper 1
Table Rock


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