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About LIKAH!

LIKAH! A Puppy Musical

Though aimed for young audiences, and told through a character children can readily identify, Likah’s experiences and life lessons are relatable to all ages.

Puppy-dog storyteller LIKAH just can’t wait to tell you about…LIKAH! Audiences young and old are immediately drawn in to her charming world of exploration, wonder, and adventure as she discovers life’s lessons and challenges. Those discoveries: some joyful encounters; some not so happy; some just pure whimsy; transcend barriers and become totally identifiable to everyone. The LIKAH! enchantment will remain with you for a very, very long time!

Real life Border Collie Likah is the inspiration for this very special musical story of unconditional love, pure joy, and dealing with the unexpected hurt of losing someone dear. This charming rather innocent pup is faced with life’s most difficult challenge, how to carry on when you’re left behind. Likah discovers the strength to move on to the next glorious wonderful day.

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